Wishing to sell your IT equipment ?

How to sell your IT equipment via Edeal-IT

Your It Equipment is valorisable and you wish to obtain the best re-sale offer in submitting it to the buyers’ network put at your disposal by EDeal-It. The second hand Market is constantly evolving and its participants are numerous. The buyers may have specialities such as hardware, networks or telephones… Therefore, it is quite difficult to have an overall view of the Market and the assurance to consult the appropriate buyers according to the nature and the volume of the batch to be sold.

How to register a batch

You just have to fill in the batch file form in the blank space provided including all the necessary elements for the buyers to provide the best re-sale offer.

Registering your batch commits you to sell and exclusively entrusts your It Equipment to EDeal-It.

You also have to inform about the availability of the It Materials. This is very important for the buyers to quote and it has a huge impact both on the valorisation and on the submitting of the final audit report time limit and therefore on your invoicing date. You should announce a date of availability to be respected.

You can choose the deadline of your announcement’s validity. You are advised to leave a sufficient time limit for the buyers to find out about your batch and make their re-sale offer.

Favorite broker

You can choose a favourite buyer to work with. As a favourite buyer, if his offer is the best one, EDeal-It won’t get any commission for the linking. In this way, you take no risk concerning the habits you may have with a buyer and it ensures you to get the best offer on the market. The favourite buyer status is given to a buyer who has not been previously introduced by EDeal-It and has no time limit. However, if the favourite broker has not been selected for the 3 last consecutive batches or even on 3 batches during the last 2 years, then he will loose his favourite status.


You can subscribe to various options when registeing your batch.

Announce formatted by EDeal-It

The elements necessary for the resale of a batch have to be sent by email as an Excel file under the format given by EDeal-It. Edeal-It will enter all the useful data if you with to. This option has a fixed price and is to be found in the Pricing Conditions.

It Materials Inventory on Site

You might not have any inventory of your It Materials and therefore cannot subject it to the resale. EDeal-It proposes to go your Site in order to make an accurate inventory including types and models of your equipment and their serial numbers. The price of this option is defined according to the volume and geographical Sites to be dealt with. A cost estimate will be made for you to be accepted.

On Site Audit of the Specific Materials

Some of your equipment may be out of production and/or have been upgraded successively. In this case, you are not sure about their smooth running and not even about their configuration details. These elements are very important in the valorisation of the Materials. Therefore, EDeal-It suggests you an onsite Audit to help you get all the necessary elements for the best valorisation. The price of this option depends on the type of Audit required and on the time needed for the Engineer to achieve this Audit. A cost estimate will be made by EDeal-it and sent to you to be accepted. The Engineer’s actual travel expenses will be charged to you.

Sale to the staff

Insofar as you wish to resell part of your Equipment to your Staff first, and once the resale price has been agreed, EDeal-It offers you to put you in contact with one or more buyers in charge of getting the It Materials back, erasing all the data if needed, making an Audit and cleaning the items. At the end of this cycle, and in close collaboration with your Works Council, the items will be delivered to those of your staff who placed an order. The It Materials will get a 3-month guarantee by the buyer and your Works Council will be in charge of the bill collection. As the cost can vary, a cost estimate will be sent to you for acceptation.


EDeal-It commits to communicating all the received offers (valorisations, logistical and financial terms…) and puts you in contact with the buyer who has made the best offer.

The buyers’ offers must include:

  • The valorisation time limit per item,
  • a commitment to a picking time limit,
  • a commitment to a deadline in the submitting of the Audit Report,
  • detailed financial terms,

You will have access to the follow up of your batch until the closing date of the sale at any time:

  • Being issued,
  • Consultations in progress (number of registered offers),
  • Allocated Offer (Allocated Offer Added),
  • Picking up done (See Broker’s Logistic Voucher),
  • Audit Report has been received (See Broker’s Audit Report),
  • Invoice (See your invoice).

How to customize your Network


You can invite a buyer to consult and apply for free to your batches during a 6-month period.

The Buyer’s invitation is compatible with the Favourite Buyer Status. This invitation is to be extended to buyers who do not belong to EDeal-It’s network.

You cannot cumulate more than one pending invitation during the same period.

Black List

For some reason, you do not wish to work with some identified buyer. You are able to block this buyer’s access to your batches. The latter won’t be able to apply for them nor even visualize them.