Wishing to recycle your IT equipment ?

How to recycle your equipment via Edeal-IT

Your It Equipment is not valorisable and you wish to obtain a competitive recycling offer while respecting the regulations in force. You can submit your It Equipment to the professionals’ network put at your disposal by EDeal-It.

How to register a batch

You just have to fill in the batch file form in the blank space provided including all the necessary elements for the professionals to provide a commercial offer to you.

Registering your batch commits you to have your It Equipment recycled and exclusively entrusted to EDeal-It.

EDeal-It is in charge of finding the best recycling offer for you. Therefore, you have to give all the necessary details about the qualification of your batch, its nature, volume and geographical distribution.


You can subscribe to various options when registering your batch.

Announce formatted by EDeal-It

The elements necessary for the recycling of a batch have to be sent by email as an Excel file under the format given by EDeal-It. Edeal-It will enter all the useful data if you wish to. This option has a fixed price and is to be found in the Pricing Conditions.

It Materials Inventory on Site

You might not have any inventory of your It Materials and therefore cannot subject them to the recycling. EDeal-It proposes to go your Site in order to make an accurate inventory including types and models of your equipment and their serial numbers. The price of this option is defined according to the volume and geographical Sites to be dealt with. A cost estimate will be made for you to be accepted.

Shared batch

In order to provide you the best pricing offer, EDeal-It will be able to put together batches situated in the same geographical area so as to share costs and especially the logistic costs. The follow-up documents will be issued per batch. The elements about your batch cannot be seen by the others, ensuring you a complete confidentiality.


EDeal-It commits to communicating all the received offers (valorisations, logistical and financial terms…) and puts you in contact with the buyer who has made the best offer.

The buyers’ offers must include:

  • Price details,
  • commitment to a picking time limit,
  • treatment of It Materials certificate according to the regulations in force,
  • detailed financial terms (prices, time-limits,…)

You will have access to the follow up of your batch until the closing of your file at any time:

  • Being issued
  • Consultations in progress,
  • Allocated Offer,
  • Picking up done (See Professional’s Packing List),
  • Invoice (See Professional’s invoice).