What are the geographical areas concerned by the Edeal-IT offer ?

EDeal-It has an international professional network at its disposal and is able to propose a resale offer for the equipment located outside the French Territory. EDeal-It will come back to you as soon as possible so that you will be able to explore alternative solutions.

How do I know if my IT materials are valorisable ?

Establishing a strict rule according to the quantity or typology of the product is impossible. One single product can present a significant valorisation and the opposite is also true. Valorisation is linked to initial value, obsolescence and how attractive the It Materials are on the Second-Hand Market.
Therefore, EDeal-It advises you to register all your batches. If your It equipment is not reusable and you don’t get any resale offer for it, the website administrator will come back to you with another solution.

I intend to sell part of my IT materials and I'ld like to have an estimate

EDeal-It is a linking website for companies selling their It Equipment and professional It brokers or recycling companies wishing to buy them.
Buyers have been referenced by EDeal-It to submit their best resale offers instead of estimates. Companies registering their batches on the website, commit to selling their It Equipment via EDeal-It.

Our equipment to be resold got sensitive data. How to be sure that profesionals who apply to the resale of my IT materials are able to insure data erasing ?

When registering your batch, you can add in the “comment” space, all specificities that buyers will have to include in their offers asking them to detail the procedure.